How to vote


Step 1: Prepare

Before election day, check where your polling precinct is located. Voters are segregated by barangay and further divided into zones. If you’re unsure about your voter status, you can email COMELEC at to check if your registration status is still active.

Knowing the basics—such as the correct voting site and your voter status—prevents problems and headaches on election day!


Step 2: Get verified

Once you get to the polling precinct, present your identification to the poll watchers. They will direct you to the proper lines. Take your seat and wait for your turn to pick up your ballot. 

Pro tip: You are entitled to only one ballot, so guard it with your life! Do not crumple, fold, or write anything on the ballot, as these can be causes for disqualification.


Step 3: Choose your candidates

It's time to choose your candidates! Here's how many circles you need to shade for every position:

  • President - 1
  • Vice-President - 1
  • Senators - 12 max.
  • Member, House of Representatives - 1
  • Party List – 1
  • Mayor - 1
  • Vice-Mayor - 1
  • Member, Sangguniang Panlungsod - 8 max.

You can vote for less than the required number or choose to abstain, but you cannot shade more than the maximum. Be mindful of this—your vote won’t count if you go beyond the number.


Step 4: Cast your ballot

After filling out your ballot, keep it secure inside the ballot secrecy folder. Take this to the vote-counting machine (VCM) and carefully feed it into the machine.

Wait for the machine to process your ballot. Once processing is complete, a poll watcher will mark your finger with indelible ink and hand you your voting receipt.

Review your voting receipt and check if it reflects who you voted for.